Prepaid Cards

Our prepaid cards are an excellent investment, no matter how often you wash your car!

Save at the time of purchase or refill:

  • 10% for personal prepaid cards
  • 20% for company/fleet prepaid cards


Step 1

Buy the card.

Purchasing a prepaid card gives you the best value per dollar. Save 10% on individual/gift cards and 20% on fleet cards at time of purchase or refill.

Cards are available on-site from our card dispenser, which takes cash, credit or debit.



Step 2

Use the card.

Access the services you love quickly and easily so you can keep your day moving.

Step 3

Refill Your Card Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


Enjoy your discount each time you refill. After initial purchase, you may continue to refill the card on-site, or online with credit or debit.

Fleet accounts can be easily managed online by a bookkeeper or manager, and include cash/credit card control for vehicle users.